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  • Thanks for everything you've done, aeolssous, hope you'll still get on IRC every so often to say hi! And good luck with whatever you're going to achieve!
    Hopefully you will be as successful in your future endeavors as you were on Smogon. Good luck with everything. Thanks for giving me a chance, especially in Tournaments. Your direction in that area will surely be missed.

    See you around, mellon.
    Wow fuck Bologo, I wanted to be the first -__-.

    Anyways, it's really sad to see you go, but I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. You're always welcome to come back here, obviously, so please don't be a stranger!

    Thanks for everything you've done for both Smogon and myself.
    I don't know if you allow visitor messages on your profile or if you just haven't gotten any, but I just wanted to say good luck with your career, and I hope you still drop by on smogon every so often. xD
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